Magic Maggies

The Magic Maggies are soft plastic maggots that look and catch just like real wax worms or spikes. They are scented with our exclusive Dirty Scent and has been proven to catch panfish as well as other species in the field.

Color(s): Red, White

Scent: ALC Dirty Scent

Size: approx 3/4inch (20mm)

(PLEASE NOTE: due to lighting, the lure might apprear brighter or darker than it actually is)

Here are the ways we like to rig the Magic Maggies:

IMG_4524Tip hooking the tail end will give you the most movement on the drop and when jigging.

Jig vigorously when the fish are aggressive. However, when you slow down, it also offers a subtle movement. it is in our opinion the most versatile way to rig the Maggie.




IMG_4525Hook through the head will give you a horizontal presentation.

This method will give you less movement but we think this is a bit more natural look. We like to use this method when using a bigger jig such as a #5 or #6 to also present a bait fish like profile.




IMG_4526Hook through the head from the side will give you a downward presentation.

This method works well when you’re fishing above the weed bed. It should provide pretty good action when you jig. This is a good method when the fish are looking up to feed. Especially when you got a school of crappie below.




IMG_4528IMG_4527The double rig can be use for the large fish such as a big gill or largemouth.

Change your profile by spreading the Maggies out or place them close together. You decide the color combo. We do know that the largemouths like this.



There you have the different ways we’ve used the Maggies successfully. If you have a different way of rigging, please let us know and we’ll share it with everyone. You can purchase the Magic Maggies from our online store at and don’t forget to share your experience with us and other on our FB page at

Thank you and tight lines!


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